Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sister's shopping spree! -

We skipped breakfast today, lol! Anyways, we took the MRT to city hall because they needed to fix my watch and my Dad's watch needed a new battery. So it turns our that they put the wrong needle into my watch - stupid people. Then for my Dad's watch, since he hasn't used it in a while, the old battery might have leaked and spoiled his watch. Good thing it didn't leak, but the gears might be slow. Then we went for lunch at the food court upstairs. I had carrot cake and my sister had the Korean chicken stuff. After that, we walked to a shop called GIRLS and my sister got a hairband. My Mom wanted to go to the bookstore to get a cookbook and birthday card for my cousin since his birthday is this Friday. Then we went to cold storage and my sister bought a huge box of chocolate and I got this Japanese noodle stuff. My sister then bought a new wallet and some shirts and skirts. When we went under the underpass to the bus stop, we saw illegal workers sleeping down there - SCARY! It took sooooo long for the bus to each home because our bus stop was the 2nd to last stop =P hahaha.

Breakfast skipper... Bye!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hello -

Well I made the background a bit lighter and added some music at the bottom! The date is now centered and pink as u can see! Check it out.

Today we met some friends at chinatown to eat. Then they wanted to check out my neighbors car 2 see if they wanted to buy it or something. The snow slide is back in full swing cause I added lots of water which turned to ice. Ice makes the sled go real fast (duh). Not much else 2 say.. except, ur friend is REALLLLLLLY weird. Well, gotta watch the new season of apprentice cause my mom is like "it's suppose to be the best season so far"...... yeah right, just cause his daughter is in it....

C ya!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

ddd -


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